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40 Leadenhall Street

At 900,000 sq ft, 40 Leadenhall Street is one of the biggest schemes to ever receive planning permission in the City of London. Consisting of 34 storeys, this project aims to combine an ambitious range of commercial spaces, including retailers, restaurants, offices and fitness and wellness studios.

A project of this size, scope and ambition required the assistance of established passive fire protection specialists. CLM Fireproofing was brought into the project by Mace, a construction company we have collaborated with on a variety of projects.

A substantial amount of time and money has been invested in this project. The value of the fire protection project itself is anticipated to surpass £3.5m, so it was paramount that any risks were identified and managed to the highest possible standard. Beginning in July 2021, we provided bespoke fire protection services and systems across the entire project.

With a project of this scale, there can be any number of service providers working on-site at any given time installing pipes, cables and other services. These create service penetrations/openings, which are breaches in compartment walls and floors that may enable the spread of flames and smoke, if not correctly sealed.

Therefore, our team have begun carrying out all of the firestopping throughout the tower and basement levels of 40 Leadenhall Street. At present, our team is working collaboratively with key trades and consultants to achieve compliant and best tested solutions throughout the building. This project is set to conclude in November 2023, and we are happy to be included in a project that is set to offer new commercial opportunities in the city of London