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Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is a former industrial site in the midst of one of the largest redevelopment projects in Europe. Spanning over 8 million sq foot, this project will culminate in the creation of a vibrant mixed-use development, giving London residents an exciting new neighbourhood and business quarter.

In October 2018, CLM Fireproofing was hired by both UKG and J Coffey Construction for our expertise in intumescent paint application. One of the main features of this project was that the paint had to be applied with a high decorative finish. We were also contracted for specialist grit blasting so that surfaces were fully prepared for the intumescent paint. Our team had the unique challenge of working with two clients simultaneously, balancing their respective requirements whilst still offering a high quality of service.

The importance of this project was apparent from the very start. Battersea Power Station was a prestigious building, meaning that the redevelopment would be high-profile and therefore subject to significant scrutiny. In terms of practicality and risk, Battersea Power Station was a large-scale and aged industrial building. As this posed several distinct hazards, regular planning meetings were held to ensure the project was delivered safely and effectively.

One of these aforementioned hazards was that the paint previously used to paint Battersea Power Station contained lead. This posed numerous health risks to not only our team but any other contractors working on the project.

We pride ourselves on finding solutions that not only solve the issue at hand but offer additional benefits to the overall project. To mitigate the risks associated with lead-based paint, we used a vapour blasting technique commonly used in asbestos works to suppress the dust in the atmosphere. This allowed other teams to work closer to where grit blasting works were taking place, which ultimately sped up the construction process for our client.